• Residential + support services for start-ups


    With a focus exclusively on technology, The Cube has partnered with a variety of industry leading experts who have a vested interest to see new enterprises find their way out of the start-up phase, into healthy growth. Partnering with Trent University and Sir Sandford Fleming College has created a direct link between students eager to pioneer new initiatives, and those with the experience to help foster this kind of new growth.

  • Stronger together vs. apart


    Realizing an idea’s full potential takes an incredible amount of time, resources and commitment. For entrepreneurs championing early-stage start-ups, this often becomes an round-the-clock effort, leaving little time, resources or energy for exploration of possible assistance. Being a part of a program designed to connect start-ups with the people and programs they need to grow, is exactly what many entrepreneurs need most of all.

  • Always look for win-win


    It’s commonly said in business that ventures which establish mutually beneficial relationships are the most positive, productive, and ultimately sustainable. This philosophy is at the core of the Core Partner resources offered at The Cube. With Partners specializing in intellectual capital, financial strategy, marketing tactics, academic resources and government programming, there are opportunities for specialized assistance that are key to long-term success.


Located at Trent University – in close proximity to some of the finest research labs, facilities, academics, and students – The Cube is a one-of-a-kind facility in Peterborough: designed to be a “one-stop-shop” to help innovative start-ups find their best path to market by linking together talented entrepreneurs and their ideas with access to world-class expertise, resources and know-how.

With a mission to drive entrepreneurship, The Cube is Peterborough’s only incubation facility offering full residential and value-added business support services exclusively for early stage and start-up technology companies.

Helping new companies to get established, become sustainable, and then accelerate their growth, The Cube incubator program is aimed specifically at helping Peterborough’s entrepreneurs take the first step towards start-up success in the innovation and technology sector.

To help these companies on this journey, The Cube provides access to office accommodation in a full-service suite; while also providing the tools, connections, training, education, coaching, mentorship, and access to professional expertise and services for entrepreneurs to be successful.

Using the Cluster’s network, The Cube connects our clients to business, research and mentorship networks, as well as provides access to business support and professional services, funding and investment. We also provide assistance with partnership development; new intellectual property protection; and publicity.


The Cube has been made possible through the financial, material and in-kind support of the Innovation Cluster’s:

Core Partners 

Ontario Centres of Excellence, Trent University, Fleming College and the Peterborough Region Angel Network.

Service Provider Partner

Bereskin & Parr Intellectual Property Law.

Supportive Professionals

 Entrepreneurontario, Part Time CFO Services Inc. and Peak Benefit Solutions.

Generous Financial Assistance

Peterborough Community Futures Development Corporation in partnership with FedDev Ontario.